Com que idade está esta banda desenhada para eu poder fazer piadinhas sobre como só precisei de 6 capítulos para explicar o que quer que fosse sobre os Talentos dos personagens?

Não olhem prós olhos ginórmicos da Ângela, não olhem prós olhos ginórmicos da Ângela

↓ Transcript
5 panels

Panel 1:
The Foreigner smirks, his face partially covered in shade.

Foreigner: I take it that humanity has... Changed?
Ângela (off panel): You mean, the Revelations? We stole knowledge from God, became tainted with sin... and burned the world.

Panel 3:
Illustration. A sillouete emerges from blazing fire. She has three eyes, the third one open in her forehead. Around her, several hands. Her two human hands seem to be bleeding and on fire. Around her head, a distorted halo.

Panel 4:
The Foreigner looks almost upset.

Foreigner: Interesting mythologization. You stole from US.
Filipa (partially off-panel): What do you mean 'us'? What are you?
Foreigner: I am shocked that you don't know. I am a foreigner to humanity. I am a foreigner to this planet.

Panel 5:
A close-up of the Foreigner's black hand, which seems to be dripping.

Foreigner (cont): Otherwise, I am just like you: another vessel through which the universe perceives itself.