Eurico passa a noite acordado a desenhar círculos num papel, entenda.

Eu se calhar também passava a noite toda a pé se tivesse tido um dia como o dele e estivesse a alucinar como ele. Se calhar.

Aposto que ele diz que não, quê, não, eu passei a noite a pé por causa do bebé é isso, não é por causa dos pesadelos ahaha que é isso efeitos secundários não, tá tudo bem.

Sabias que O Sarilho está à procura de contribuições monetárias para a publicação do seu terceiro volume? E que se ajudares arriscas-te a obter uma cópia d’O Sarilho em tua casa? Ora considera:

↓ Transcript
5 Panels.

Panel 1: The Bishop flips through the file's pages. There's a pencil sketch of a diagram drawn on one of them, and some handwritten notes. The diagram is a circle, sliced in 6. One of the slices has been erased.

Eurico (off-panel): After launching what I can only described as a series of exploration tactics on me and my partner, its pattern started to look more human. But it's not a convincing imitation, and quite fractured along those axes. This is unlike any minds I have split in the line of duty, your Holiness.

Panel 2:
The Bishop in the foreground, still concentrating on the papers. Eurico sitting on the bench behind him.

The Bishop: Any similarities to sub-saharian patterns?
Eurico: I have little experience in that field, but... The evolution here was more from "unique" to "cheap knock-off of the tele-empathic subtype pattern".

Panel 3,4:
A view of the cathedral's interior.

The Bishop (off-panel): And our lovely Meditan enemies wouldn't have the means to artificially induce this type of pattern either?
Eurico (off-panel): I highly doubt it.
The Bishop: Good. What about our allies, professor?
The Professor (off-panel): I have refrained from discussing this... "Visitor" topic with them. I will contact the Ambassator as soon as we gather more intel.

Panel 5:
The Bishop takes a last look at the papers on his lap.

The Bishop: "Miguel", the Angel, huh? This has to be a bad joke.