Eurico: Você tem de ver, é que eu gosto muito dela, eu protegê-la-ia como se ela fosse do meu sangue, ela é como se fosse família para mim e eu tenho a maior e total confiança na sua pessoa.

Também o Eurico: um traidor é um traidor. É meter chumbo neles.

↓ Transcript
5 Panels.

Panel 1: A closeup of the Bishop's very purple shoes.

The Bishop: And this was the person you trusted with looking after the creature?

Panel 2: The Professor, arms folded, almost complaining.

The Professor: Your Holiness, I assure you that if any of this was a problem, she wouldn't be one of our students.
The Bishop: And yet wartime requires you to lower your standards now, doesn't it?

Panel 3: Eurico, half of his face covered in shadow.

Eurico: I trust her.
The Bishop (off-panel): That's not how it looked last night.

Panel 4: Eurico gets up and faces the Bishop, handing him back the paper.

Eurico: A traitor is a traitor.
The Bishop: The longer she spends around the thing, the more insight she will have for us. Find her and bring her to me.
Eurico (cont): And if we find anyone helping them?

Panel 5: Black, with the words in white.

The Bishop (off-panel) Disappear them.