Vocês nunca mais me apanham a desenhar alguém a apertar os atacadores, é que nem pensar

Agora vamos mas é filosofar sobre a natureza da memória

↓ Transcript
7 Panels.

Panel 1:
We see the microwave gun and its charger laying on the floor. The charger still has "RRCC" written on it, and it's dirty with blood.

Ângela (off panel): Are you this... Quirshofe person?
Foreigner (off panel): Kirchhoff.

Panel 2:
The Foreigner looks away, his face unknown.

Panel 3:
The Foreigner looks back at Ângela.

Foreigner: No. I know of him.
Foreigner (thinking at Ângela): I have his memories.

Panel 4:
The Foreigner bends down to tie the leg warmers. Ângela leans in his direction.

Ângela (thinking): But his memories are not yours?
Foreigner: Organic carcasses are complicated. It's not unusual for them to come with their own memories and languages.

Panel 5,6:
The Foreigner's wet hair covers his eyes. He tries to blow it away from his face.

Panel 7:
Ângela moves the Foreigner's hair away from his eyes, while he's still bending over his knee.

Ângela: Such as spanish. Your portuguese is improving really fast, though!
Foreigner: I adjust.
Foreigner (thinking): Your patterns shift with discomfort otherwise.