Que amizade linda

↓ Transcript
6 Panels

Panel 1:
Eurico, by the door, jovially looks at his watch. Estanis scratches his eyes.

Eurico: Weren't you supposed to meet me at the Academia at... Seven? Are you drunk?

Panel 2,3:
Estanis sits in bed. Eurico sits by his side.

Estanis: I couldn't get any sleep. This house... It's full of her.
Eurico: She betrayed us. She betrayed this country.
Estanis: Everything has her scent, Eurico...

Panel 4,5:

Estanis: I thought... I thought she might come back? She didn't take her meds, she must be a wreck, the poor thing...
Eurico (off panel): Oh, Lauzo...