↓ Transcript
5 Panels.

Panel 1:
Steffano's reflection in the mirror as he adjusts a feathery neck piece.

Steffano: Expansionism has only two main tenets: Assimilation or Genocide. And we know which one our father favours the most.

Panel 2:
Diana looks away, pensive.

Panel 3, 4:
Diana leaps forward, sitting on the edge of the bed on a single movement, amused. Steffano pets one of the crows with a soft smile.

Diana: Do you want me to pull the numbers? Because I'm an Augur. I have them. Let's see... In the past 150 years, there have been 32 assassination attempts within the Corvo House. Of those, a good two thirds came from WITHIN the House. By Árgon's jokes! You're not even braving new territory here!

Panel 5:
Diana laughs while Steffano picks up a white toga.

Diana (cont): And you're too late now to start your 30 ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS UNDER 30's list! Ahah!
Steffano (jolly): I'll take those odds.