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3 Panels.

Panel 1: Franq and Nikita walk down several flights of stairs on a factory-ish environment.

Franq: Do you know what a particle collider is?
Nikita: Oh professor, of course I know! It collides particles.
Franq: Oh, look who's sassy today! Got lucky after last night's party?
Nikita: Didn't see you there.

Panel 2: Franq smiles, illuminated with a halo behind his head. Nikita is not particularly amused. They walk through a corridor with the symbol -7 on the wall.

Franq: I just happen to know everything. I am an augur, after all.
Nikita: Sure, augur! Tell me about the uh...
Franq: The particle collider.
Nikita: Yes.

Panel 3: Franq explains some geography to Nikita. Behind them, a map of the iberan peninsula showing Salamanca and Madrid and an arrow between them.

Franq: It collides tiny particles. Subatomic ones. There was an ancient one going all the way the way from Salamanca to Madrid. Some 200km. Some parts have broken down since then - conquest wars, poor maintenance, you know the drill - But there's an ongoing, decades-long project to bring back to function so we can continue the Ancient's work.