You want to support me? There’s one way you can do that and get something in return!! In the art internet world, we call it a “commission”. It means you give me money and in return, I will draw something of your liking!

Why would you want that? Well…

  • I am hella fast
  • I can use more than one color
  • I can draw a lot of stuff
  • I have drawn cool stuff in the past and I can do it again. I am not afraid.

I will draw what you want. You’ve seen my comic. Imagine what I can do. The sky is the limit. I treat every commission as a full illustration regardless of the style you ask for – which basically means if you want lineart, I will give you cool, crisp, fresh, delicious lineart. If you want lineart+color, I will make that work. If you want me to paint the entire canvas, I am ready. All the prices I’m displaying here take this into account, and I will do my best to make the most out of each style so you get an artwork that feels purposeful and complete. I can do a lot of stuff, I can even do comic pages (and you know how those look like).

Complexity does affect my pricing, so please take the prices here as indicative of the base value. More characters and complex backgrounds add to the full price, but all pieces do come with some background to make your character pop!

Unless you want me to draw your character t-posing against a transparent void. I can respect that.

Commissions come in three different sizes! There’s a form at the end of this page that you can use if you wish to contact me.

Icon: 35€

Icons usually feature one character’s head, and a very simple background. Obviously you can ask for something else, but these are meant to be seen at different scales in social media, so expect something that can be read at a small size as your profile picture.

Half-Body: 70€

A lot of good illustrations are half-bodies. I’d go even as far as to say that if it isn’t showing full-body, it will be one of these.

Full-Body: 100€

Full-body illustrations in which the character(s) show their entire bodies, preferably working in a cool composition and interacting with other elements of the piece.
Also consider that I can make it work in different styles! You have the base (lineart+color) above, or the options below. Each option has an increment on the base price.
0% Increment
Lineless example. It’s exactly what it says on the tin, I will draw blocks of colors and not use lineart.
0% Increment
Lineart and some colors here! There’s so much you can do with a limited palette.
50% Increment
Full illustrations include characters and backgrounds and light and mood and composition and fun!
70% Increment
This is what I mean by painting. I will paint EVERYTHING. Look at those strokes. Look at the blending. So much painting! But this one is harder on my physically, so please understand it is a little pricier.
70€ Total
You want a portrait? I will paint you a portrait. I can even paint you a portrait for relatively cheap, just don’t ask me to go painting any backgrounds.
If you’re still curious about what else I can do, feel free to take a look at any of the following examples or check my Portfolio page!

Contact form: