Finalmente… Finalmente acabei de desenhar o capítulo 7… Agora é virar-me novamente para o ínfame 8…

Esta semana estou de babá a tomar conta do meu sobrinho mais peludo, o Odioso Nelson. Sim, ele odeia-me mas é muito lindo e tem olhos enormes:

Adorable. Baby, even. Nelson is a very big eyed cat.

↓ Transcript
4 panels

Panel 1, 2: Régula II. The day before.

A shot of Régula in which we can see part of the town, filled with white houses and trees. There's a riverbank cut by two bridges. The sun is setting, so the entire atmosphere looks orange and pink.

The sun sets behind the mountains and can be seen by the nearby dam.

Fausta is happily tasting an icecream, looking surprised.

Fausta: Woah! What flavour is this??

Panel 3, 4:
Fausta and Felda are walking and both holding icecreams. Fausta is wearing the military uniform, Felda dressed as a civilian in blue tones. Felda's sporting the military red star, though. As Fausta talks about the icecream, she goes from delighted to mockingly sad.

Felda: What, chocolate? You never had chocolate icecream before?
Fausta: I don't think I've ever had chocolate anything before! I've been wasting my life.