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3 Panels.

Different location, inside of an office. The walls are slightly pinkish and there are several posters on the walls and the room is generally disorganized, with different machines all over.

Panel 1:
A number of folders are stacked upon a table wth a thud!, held by a girl whose face we cannot see yet.

Shizuka Nakamura: Nikita, here's the deal: I didn't come to Régula to join ya on your Special Forces affairs, okey? [emphasis] I'm only here for that sweet PhD! - and cuz I have to - So excuse me if I don't feel like joining ya wacky adventures!

Panel 2:
Nikita looks almost small when compared to her desk full of binders. Shiza continues.

Shiza: Furthermore, IN ENEMY TERRITORY!! So I filed the papers to have me replaced as your Augur on your mission.

Panel 3:
Shizuka places a hand on top of her pile of binders. She's young, chubby, has asian features and a nametag with SHIZUKA written on it.

Shiza: This pretty girl here ain't becoming no Lusitanian living-dead!