Plano de contingência: ainda não

Não apresentado na imagem: áugure a chorar

Desenhar pontes?? Quatro horas de volta de um singelo painel no comic?? Quem? Não conheço!! (Minto, eu adoro pintar os fundos só é pena isto ainda me custar bagarai)

A ponte é famosa ela já tinha aparecido antes! ★

↓ Transcript
4 Panels.

Panel 1:
Very small, showing Malik running away from the gang.

Panel 2:
A big shot of the bridge, and we can see the bombs planted by Victória earlier.

Steffano (off panel): The Lusitanians can't get to us without crossing the bridge and we can't let them get the Augur. Kali, keep an eye on the bridge. Let me know if you see anyone approaching, Medita or otherwise.

Panel 3, 4:
Steffano addresses Felda, who is holding a keyboard and has big headphones on.

Steffano: Blumenthal: if the others do not cross the bridge by 5:00 AM, I want you to trigger the explosioves and call Régula. Have them send a team to pick up us at the Resende wall.