Cuidado, capitão, que se continuas assim ainda levas um tiro nas costas.

Ademais, adivinhem quantas horas passei a olhar para esta foto para desenhar uma (1) vinheta:

↓ Transcript
7 Panels.

Panel 1,2:
Nikita walks out of the small road they were on. Steffano follows him, but he's looking away and scratching is neck nervously.

Steffano: I thought-
Nikita: I would've done the same. I wouldn't hesitate to off and incompetent commanding officer either.

Panel 3:
Nikita makes a fist, in restrained anger, but chuckes.

Panel 4:
Nikita enters a big plaza. Some people are passing by. Some windows sport large red flags with the symbols of the empire. Nikita laughs almost maniacally to the sky as Steffano follows him.

Nikita: AHAHAH! WOW! I just can't wait for my upcoming demotion! AHAHAH AHHAHA OR maybe I'll get SHOT in the back by one of my men!!
Steffano: You couldn't know...

Panel 5,6,7:
Nikita takes a moment to breathe and seems to calm down as he looks off into the distance. Steffano is still aprehensive.

Nikita (off panel): Who's gonna trust my leadership now?