Línguas de fantasia é sempre divertido e eu estou sempre pronta para esconder italiano medita nos pósteres do fundo. Hoje temos connosco o lema medita “Por onde andares, constrói”:

(Gosto muito deste póster e devia mas é fazer uma versão nova da qual me orgulhe mais)

↓ Transcript
7 Panels.

Panel 1:
Tall panel. Nikita and Steffano have left the Plaza Mayor and are walking towards another street. Behind them, the ruins of a church.

Steffano: Hum... Have you ever been to Salamanca?
Nikita: Huh? Ah, no. I don't know if I like it.

Panel 2:
Steffano smacks his hand with a fist, and smiles! Nikita laughs hysterically at his words. The crow flies them by quickly. Behind them, the walls of the closed shops are full of propaganda posters.

Steffano: AH-HA! It's because you can hardly see any stars here!
Steffano: Come, I'll show you around!

Panel 3,4,5:
Steffano gently grabs Nikita's arm. Nikita takes too much notice of this.

Nikita: Steffano, please, I broke an arm, I am not an invalid. I could do a backflip right now.
Steffano: Please don't.
Nikita: I kid you not.

Panel 6,7:
Steffano looks directly at Nikita, very gently. Nikita looks away.

Steffano: Heh. Is it always this hard for you to accept help?
Nikita: oh.