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Born the son of a deserter, Sam must hunt a monster to restore his honor. But when Sam captures a jack named Wick, he forms a friendship more dear than any he’s had before, and must decide where his true loyalties lie.

Ariana has left her lands, traveling far afield in search of the Great Tree and its legendary healing powers. She has encountered the mythical humans, and is slowly learning their strange ways. What troubles is she fleeing, and what will she find?

Blanc and Samson are two aspiring knights working for Granborough, a giant behemoth of a castle that travels the country. On their adventures they discover what being a knight actually entails.
↓ Transcript
4 Panels. Vertical page, for a change.

Panel 1:
Black background. Ângela glitches as a hundred tiny Ângelas appear behind her in several rows. The different Ângelas wear a variety of different garments. In some places, they are replaced by one Eurico, with his cape and mask on and holding a hoe.

Eurico (off panel): WHY. CAN'T YOU JUST DO. WHAT I TELL YOU?

Panel 2:
Bright red background. A surprised Ângela is grabbed from behind by Eurico, who is wearing the devil mask and the black cape.

Eurico: WHY

Panel 3:
Several other hands appear as Eurico's mask cries. The hands grab Ângela's hair and mouth.

Eurico: MUST YOU

Panel 4:
The mask opens through its teeth as if it were a monster's mouth. The tears fall down, like melted wax. The creature grabs her closer, while Ângela stares, terrified.