↓ Transcript
4 Panels. Vertical page, for a change.

Panel 1:
Black background. Ângela glitches as a hundred tiny Ângelas appear behind her in several rows. The different Ângelas wear a variety of different garments. In some places, they are replaced by one Eurico, with his cape and mask on and holding a hoe.

Eurico (off panel): WHY. CAN'T YOU JUST DO. WHAT I TELL YOU?

Panel 2:
Bright red background. A surprised Ângela is grabbed from behind by Eurico, who is wearing the devil mask and the black cape.

Eurico: WHY

Panel 3:
Several other hands appear as Eurico's mask cries. The hands grab Ângela's hair and mouth.

Eurico: MUST YOU

Panel 4:
The mask opens through its teeth as if it were a monster's mouth. The tears fall down, like melted wax. The creature grabs her closer, while Ângela stares, terrified.