Não achas que o Estrangeiro precisa de um banho? Eu acho que ele precisa não só de um banho como de parar de estar nu a toda a hora, Ângela. Eu sei, eu entendo, é o desejo primordial de andar por aí ao léu, mas não achas… Não achas que dispensava o estar coberto de sangue, sei lá? Ou é pela estética? Por favor, veste-o, ele está-me a irritar.

↓ Transcript
6 Panels

Panel 1:
Filipa with her hand still extended towards the Foreigner, although he's now grabbing her arm with his black hand. In the distance, Ângela approaches and addresses Filipa.

Ângela: Melancholic?

Panel 2,3:
Filipa and Miguel stare each other off. Filipa looks pale.

Panel 4:
Filipa jovially addresses Ângela, gesturing with an arm as she moves in Ângela's direction. Ângela is standing next to what seems to be a fountain and a tank filled with water.

Filipa: Sinistra! Did you detect anyone nearby?
Ângela: Not that I-
Filipa: How about those extraction sequels, hein?
Ângela: Better. They should fade away within the next few weeks. Or within the month.
Filipa: Aha, good! Great!

Panel 5:
Filipa throws an arm around Ângela, who blushes softly, as they approach the entrance of what must be an abandoned building.

Filipa: My dearest little angel, how good are you at being on the lookout? I'm in dire need of sleep here.
Ângela: I'm not-, I never...
Filipa: Also, don't you think the spaniard could use a shower? Or some clothes?

Panel 6:
Filipa takes her walking canes off the tractor's back, smiling at Ângela. It's darker on the inside. Ângela stays by the building's entrance.

Filipa (cont): Let's pretend for a hot second that we trust each other, like a big family! What's your end goal here? What's your plan?
Ângela: Plan...?
Filipa: Yes, plan! Why are we spending the rest of our lives looking over our shoulders?