Do you think the Foreigner needs a shower? I think he needs a shower, and to stop being naked all the time. Look, I get it. We all feel the primal urge, but don’t you think.. Don’t you think he could at least use not being covered in blood? Or is that for the aesthetic? Please get him dressed, he’s annoying the hell out of me.

↓ Transcript
6 Panels

Panel 1:
Filipa with her hand still extended towards the Foreigner, although he's now grabbing her arm with his black hand. In the distance, Ângela approaches and addresses Filipa.

Ângela: Melancholic?

Panel 2,3:
Filipa and Miguel stare each other off. Filipa looks pale.

Panel 4:
Filipa jovially addresses Ângela, gesturing with an arm as she moves in Ângela's direction. Ângela is standing next to what seems to be a fountain and a tank filled with water.

Filipa: Sinistra! Did you detect anyone nearby?
Ângela: Not that I-
Filipa: How about those extraction sequels, hein?
Ângela: Better. They should fade away within the next few weeks. Or within the month.
Filipa: Aha, good! Great!

Panel 5:
Filipa throws an arm around Ângela, who blushes softly, as they approach the entrance of what must be an abandoned building.

Filipa: My dearest little angel, how good are you at being on the lookout? I'm in dire need of sleep here.
Ângela: I'm not-, I never...
Filipa: Also, don't you think the spaniard could use a shower? Or some clothes?

Panel 6:
Filipa takes her walking canes off the tractor's back, smiling at Ângela. It's darker on the inside. Ângela stays by the building's entrance.

Filipa (cont): Let's pretend for a hot second that we trust each other, like a big family! What's your end goal here? What's your plan?
Ângela: Plan...?
Filipa: Yes, plan! Why are we spending the rest of our lives looking over our shoulders?