Ângela going completely “I don’t know we’ll see when we get there” planning mode. Good for you, you go girl.

Meanwhile everyone’s looking at the Foreigner’s like:

↓ Transcript
7 panels,

Panel 1:
Ângela looks at the inside of the building. The inside is cold and humid while the outside is bright and warm. The Foreigner looks in through a window. On the building's wall, barely visible, the words MAI INVICTA are painted with red paint.

Ângela: We had to get out of there.
Filipa (off panel): Yes, ok. And then what?

Panel 2:
A very embarassed Ângela looks away. The Foreigner tries to get inside throught the window, but his plan isn't going that well.

Ângela: ...
Filipa (off panel): You've got to be kidding me.

Panel 3:
The Foreigner jumps through the window, interrupting them. Ângela reacts to his thougths, but Filipa is just confused.

Foreigner (thinking): I NEED TO FIND THE REST OF ME.
Ângela: Yes! Of course!
Filipa: ????

Panel 4:
The Foreigner is looking curiously at the inside of the building, while a very confused Filipa is looking at Ângela as if demanding an explanation. Ângela smiles and sweats, embarassed.

Ângela: Miguel...

Panel 5,6,7:
The Foreigner doesn't move, but his expression changes very slightly.

Ângela (off panel): Use your outside voice, please.