It’s a visual metaphor, you see, in which I explain some weird worldbuilding deep lore stuff!!!!

This page is a metaphor for the dangers of publishing preliminary research and then someone going “my city now” on it.

The Foreigners: Hey, I had this idea and I’m thinking about using this really weird mechanic feature of the universe to literally modify how it works! Maybe even.. Modify ourselves. It’s just an idea, of course, it would be weird and mayhaps even imoral if anyone really used it.
Humanity: ?

↓ Transcript
4 Panels.

Panel 1,2,3,4:
The Foreigner's sillouete against a stary sky. Next to him, in the following panels, a long tissue with an intricate pattern that is slowly being sewn by a bright needle. The pattern becomes more disconnected as the panels progress, until there is no pattern on the last.

The Foreigner: There is a pattern to the background radiation of the universe. It contains the instructions for it own computation. The universe can be modified. Rewritten. And so, my species found a way to codify the evolution of intelligence into it. But before we could complete this code, you took the one-sided decisions to execute it, dooming us all to a partially ascended state.