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5 Panels.

Panel 1: Steffano stands pensively by the mirror. We can see his reflection. Nikita, still peeved over last page's slap, looks away.

Steffano: It just happens that my father is not the only one with allies. And he's made a lot of enemies to boot.
Nikita: And how is that my business?

Panel 2: Steffano sits on the edge of the bed, just like Nikita. He reaches to touch his hand, with a concerned look.

Steffano: Look. I know you have the skills for it, but my father won't see it that way. You need to understand... Whatever happened that night. I get it. But you'll have to find another way. My father won't help. But whatever you choose to do...

Panel 3: Steffano holds Nikita's hand close to his face.

Steffano (cont): Just know that I'm with you.

Panel 4: Steffano smiles as he and Nikita look into each others eyes.

Panel 5: They burst out laughing.