↓ Transcript
6 Panels.

Panel 1: Steffano pulls Nikita closer. Nikita's laughing.

Steffano: Just come back in one piece, ok?
Nikita: Pffff!

Panel 2: Nikita hugs Steffano very very tight. Steffano is almost shocked by this, and maybe even flustered.

Panel 3: Steffano caresses Nikita's hair, pensively.

Panel 4: A tiny Nikita is outside, as seen from this side of a big window. Steffano's waving back at him, and Diana approaches.

Panel 5: Diana looks unsurprisingly displeased. Steffano is still waving back at Nikita. We now see them through the window.

Diana: Why do you look like you just did something stupid, brother?

Panel 6: Steffano's back, as he says:

Steffano: Diana, I think I just had a vety naughty idea.