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5 Panels.

Panel 1: The sun keeps rising as the sky slowly becomes more pink. We see the rooftops of salamantine buildings, and they're equally salmon-colored.

Panel 2: A person with a cane on their left hand walking, with their back to the camera.

Panel 3, 4: Nikita is laying on his back at the top of a wall, resting his head against his bag and reading a book. The person, with a big hat, approaches him with a whistle. Nikita sits and looks down.

Franquelim: Long time no see, Major Kirchhoff!! Tell me,

Panel 5: Franquelim smiles from under his massive hat. He's smoking a cigar and wearing shades. He looks like he aged a bit in the last two years.

Franquelim (cont.): Have you killed everyone you wanted to already?