The Bonds We Share

Whether familial, platonic or romantic, these new SpiderForest comics explore bonds that can’t be broken, no matter the journey.

Patchwork and Lace

Patchwork and Lace – They escaped life alone. Now they’ll fight for life together.

Runaway Drakaina

Runaway Drakaina – Two best friends face a world of magic, freedom, and the troubles of attempting to understand both.

The Quest of Casey Tailor

The Quest of Casey Tailor – For better or worse everything changes and nothing lasts forever. A story of magic, adventure and sibling bonds.

↓ Transcript
4 Panels.

Panel 1: Steffano and Nikita leave the room, while Alessandro shouts through the open door. Steffano struggles to take his toga out.

Alessandro (off panel): You are just stalling the inevitable! This war is a reality and all your efforts will be in vain! In the end, the Corvo family will have conquered the Peninsula as we were always meant to and you and your political career will have achieved nothing!

Panel 2, 3: Nikita and Steffano walk down the corridor while Steffano struggles to take his toga out. Nikita is walking a little behind him, attentive.

Panel 4: Steffano turns back to face a bemused Nikita.

Steffano: I told you to wait outside.