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↓ Transcript
5 Panels.

Panel 1: Franquelim walks into his office. It's messy, but plenty of light comes through a big window facing south. There's at least two monitors and one comcata, some posters on the walls, post-its everywhere. Franquelim motions a hand to Nikita, inviting him in.

Franq: Do you have to visit me everytime you're in Salamanca? What are you doing here?

Panel 2: Nikita takes a look at some postcards on the wall. One seems to be generic Augury Offices pamphlet, the other one is a picture of a younger Franq standing next to a machine.

Nikita: I do think of you as a friend.
Franq (off panel): Oh, is that so?

Panel 3: Franq smiles to the computer and types something on his keyboard. There is now text on the monitor, but it's unreadable.

Franquelim: Say good morning to our Argon.
Nikita (off panel): Good morning, Argon.
Franquelim: He says good morning to you too, Major Kirchhoff.

Panel 4: A higher view of the office showing how messy and crowded and small it is. Franq puts the laurel crown on his head while gesticulating towards Nikita. He sits with his legs crossed, while Nikita sits facing the back of his own chair.

Nikita: No voice synthetizer?
Franq: Huh, look, he'd be constantly making jokes and I don't need that distraction.

Panel 5: Franq looks directly at Nikita, serious.

Franq: Now. Why are you here?