We had a fun challenge the other day at SpiderForest which consisted of reverse uno’ing your comic: kinda try to find what’s the opposite of the comic, either in terms of visuals or themes or genre… I went ahead with the “oh what if I picked up the silly storyline from my Sims 4 games in which Steffano is a vampire? Vampires are the opposite of O Sarilho, right?” and then I thought a little further “oh wait what if Steffano was a vampire priest. Vampire priests HAVE to be the opposite of my comic”. So I drew this and halfway through I thought “wait a second, this is just Souls Foreclosed again”. So this one is dedicated to its author, Sev, who is doing a wonderful work with those vampire priests (getting wrecked, as they should).

Pose is very much taken from that other painting with Dante and Virgil in Hell because I’m a simple person with simple ideas and I like strikingly violent stuff.