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6 Panels

Panel 1, 2 and 3
Zoom on Nikita, who looks confident while holding a few papers with the words "RRCC" on them. The Sargeants, Mikhail and Corvo, are looking at him.
Nikita: Our goal is to reach the spot by the next new moon. As such, we'll leave Régula first thing in the morning. You are dismissed.

Panel 4
Nikita and Mikhail walk away.
Mikhail: Woah! Such a pro!

Panel 5
Nikita shrugs his neck into oblivion.
Nikita: Do you think so? I was afraid it'd sound too cheesy.

Panel 6:
Steffano Corvo, who is dark skinned and has raven-blue hair, interrupts the brothers. Mikhail seems a little bemused by this.

Steffano: Well, I personally think it was just fine!
Nikita: ?
Steffano: How would you like to join for dinner, sir?