↓ Transcript
7 panels.

Panel 1 and 2:
Franquelim and Nikita shake hands. The smoke around the Augur grows, overwhelming him and he coughs, as Nikita looks... embarassed.

Franquelim: Well, well! If it isn't the famous Kirchhoff brothers! Did they ran out of IMPORTANT people to [cough] lead the mission?

Panel 3:
Mikhail weasles in, finger guns.

Mikhail: When you're really good... You step ahead of the "important people".

Panel 4, 5:
Franquelim side-eyes Mikhail while still shaking Nikita's hand.

Frank: What are you doing here? Are't you one of the engineers deployed to fix the dam?
Mikhail [embarrassed]: So?
Frank: Guess this mission must be some really big deal for your brother if you're willing to miss the Dam's inauguration over it.

Panel 6, 7:
Mikhail shrugs. The other soldiers are picking up their bags. Nikita addresses Franquelim.

Nikita: Sargeant Mikhail Kirchhoff is in charge of telecommunications. You will be working together from now on, so try to get along.