↓ Transcript
5 Panels

Panel 1, 2, 3:
Felda and Jacinto are sitting next to each other, holding their respective bowls of soup.

Jacinto: Oh no, no, Steffo. Unless they are giving orders, the Kirchhoffs pretty much only talk to each other.
Felda: Unless you're into electricity; then Mikhail won't shut up about it, which is actually kinda odd for somebody who's not particularly religious! So help me Árgon!

Panel 4:
Again from Steffano's point of view, we see Nikita standing up holding a small telescope. He addresses Mikhail, jokingly.

Nikita: I'm gonna check for some shooting-stars, wanna come?
Mikhail: Nah.
Nikita: You lazy-ass.

Panel 5:
A shot of the stars as seen between the trees, in the dark.