↓ Transcript
7 panels.

Panel 1:
Nikita, looking tense. He scratches his neck and sighs.

Nikita: You know, my brother and I... Our father. It's a long story.

Panel 2, 3
Steffano looks directly at Nikita. Nikita holds his eyes.

Steffano: We have time.

Panel 4:
Nikita seems annoyed, and when he talks it's as if he spits.

Nikita: My brother and I were sold into the military when we were kids!
Steffano: This is a commonly known fact.

Panel 5:
Nikita looks somehow more angry, almost explosive as he continues, gesturing. Steffano is just quietly listening to the show.

Nikita: But it's not just the military school and service you're bound to; You gotta earn what the empire invested on you and basically stay around for as long as you're of value!

Panel 6:
Steffano, sternly: You mean, like a slave.

Panel 7:
Nikita interrupts Steffano and his gaze is pretty threatening.

Nikita: NO! It's totally different! I earn a salary!