Comics of the week – Jan 12

If you like to feel the chills, and to hide under your covers while you read, then you’ll enjoy this week’s selection of horror comics! Eldrich horrors, zombies, sacrifices to bring back the sun – will they survive? Will you?

Arbalest – Haelu is a monster, born of the snow and the long dark. In 6 months, she will be dead. Her purpose: to bring back the sun. But, as awareness of her complex self begins to emerge, Haelu forges goals of her own. Rated M for partial nudity, blood/gore, sex, themes of abuse.

broken is a fantasy/horror story about a psychic zombie befriending a fairy general while they try to protect each other from eldritch abominations, a genocidal dictator, and their own PTSD. Contains graphic violence (including suicide), body horror, and the occasional flashing image.

Children of Shadow: Ashes – Rava is a fire daemon and an outcast. Anor is a water daemon incapable of killing, even when lives are threatened. And Fawna is only a simple fox, who could be the key to saving everyone from the twisted monsters plaguing their worlds. But their most difficult battles might just be against the demons lurking inside themselves.

↓ Transcript
7 Panels.

Panel 1,2,3:
Steffano helps Nikita up. Behind them, the imperial flags wave in the wind.

Steffano: You know, I have a sister. Two years younger than me. She's the only one who knows, really, the pain that comes with being in my shoes. And right now I can't even begin to fathom what it must be like to be in yours.

Panel 4:
Nikita adjusts his jacket. Steffano looks at him nervously.

Nikita: I wasn't there for him and he died, alone. I have not slept since.

Panel 5,6:
Nikita's golden silhouete against the dark mountains and the bright red sky, with golden stars. Between the woods, the figures of several lusos and deslusos.

Nikita: My body's pretending I am alive. But I reek of death. Everyone can smell it. And they avoid me because they pity me. But I don't want pity. Especially not from you.

Panel 7:
The crow lands on Steffano's arm as he stares at Nikita intentely.