↓ Transcript
5 Panels.

Panel 1:
The soldiers are standing in formation as they wait for Alessandro to reach the podium where he will give his speech. Dária rushes between them, excusing herself. All the soldiers are on their black formal uniforms, and Nikita is in front of them. By their side stands Frank, with a walking crane and in his white augurial toga, red gloves and red shoes.

Dária: Oops, excuse me!

Panel 2:
Alessandro reaches for the podium. It's decorated with plenty olive tree leaves. A red carpet lays in front of it all the way to the middle of the plaza, where a large red flag with the Augur Office's logo stands tall. By the side, soldiers stand with the army's red flags and the Cavalry Corps's blue.

Panel 3,4,5:
Alessandro beings his speech, passionately. Fausta is standing by the Augur, who is bitting his cigar.

Alessandro: Fortune favours the bold! If the path to the star is harsh, even harsher is the one that links us to our past. Our mission - as individuals and has a nation - is to guide all humanity back to light, to fortitude, to virtue. May our flames alight the darkness, and may we never fear our shadows again.

Fausta (whispering): Not connecting to the Computer today, mister Augur?
Franquelim: Heh. No. Bad decisions yesterday.