↓ Transcript
5 panels.

Panel 1:
The pyre's fire goes high, with the Augur flag standing behind it. Further away, the Cathedral.

Panel 2:
Same view, but the sun has moved and the pyre's dead.

Dária (off panel): CAPTAIN!

Panel 3,4:
Soldiers are cleaning up the place, carrying the carpets and moving cables. Dária approaches Nikita, who is at the Cathedral's doorstep.

Dária: I mean, uh, Major? I really need to talk to you. I know this is probably not the best time for you and- and first and foremost, I want to say I'm sorry and present you my condolences.

Panel 5:
Dária makes a fist and she is full of determination.

Dária: But I want to fight! By your side!