The Medita take their name from the sea they embrace. The vast empire has two capitals – Aitterna and Milano.

While the meditas are multicultural and diverse, they share a number of attributes: a deep belief in personal responsibility, an interest in recovering humanity’s lost history, reaching for the stars, a desire to leave their mark in world – which usually manifests through infrasctucture – and a deference to electricity and computing. The empire is in possession of two sentient computers, which they refer to as Pieces of God and whose complexity is far beyond their understanding. It is their belief that expansion is necessary in order to attain the remaining pieces, so that they can reconnect them. However, the empire is surrounded by three other immense political forces, and they do not have the military might to defeat them in war. Nonetheless, conflict at their borders is a given.

While the meditan empire has an official written language they call Latic, which has no spoken counterpart. Its peoples speak a number of different romance languages, with italic being considered the classiest.