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Chapter 1: complete.

The Shooting-Star Reconnaissance and Recovery Squad Rollcall Page 2

Victória de la Luz
Trap and Bomb Expert
She'll laugh at your jokes but won't pimp your ride.

Aurik Landi
Cleans his rifle six times a day. Likes to keep it low. Almost always wearing his helmet.

Malik Ramirez
Claims to have killed for a pack of cigarettes. Divorcee. Prays to Árgon exclusively. His bike is currently for sale real cheap.

Maili Han
1st Medic
Puts too many topings on her pizza. Enjoys writing and reading poetry. Will also attend to emotional wounds.

Dikaia Kali
Cheats are cardgames. Claims to have set foot on the Eternal City once. Is not enjoying this mission.

Fausta Frescura
Wants to be caught working overtime. Tries too hard. Of course she loves the empire. Why would you ask that?

Jacinto Aiza
2nd Medic
Currently on a carbs-free diet. Picky eater. Charming with the ladies.

Shizuka Nakamura
Augur/ PhD Student
Stationed at Régula's base only to get more credit for her PhD and that's how things ought to remain. Did not join the squad.