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Chapter 1: complete.

The Shooting-Star Reconnaissance and Recovery Squad Rollcall

Nikita Kirchhoff
It's not slavery if you earn a salary. Ressents his social condition because it doesn't let him stargaze all night.

Mikhail Kirchhoff
Sargeant / 1st Electrician
Accepts food as payment. Angry about missing the Régula Dam's inauguration party. Owns way too many power tools.

Dária Grillo
Filling the Grillo Family's army quota. Pepper's best friend. Likes to bully Timóteo.

Timóteo Vásquez
Dog Expert
Threw his socks into the river for a bet. Owns way too many dogs. Will believe anything he's told.

Steffano Corvo
The army is a political weapon. Wants to expand his network and know what you're up to.

Franquelim Pastore
Augur / Stoner
Interpreter of the Word of God. Can predict the future, but not the next card at poker games. The cigars are part of the job.

Pfeiffer Müller
Actually not called Pepper!
Tells you to stop fooling around, but then joins you. Dária's best friend. No fun allowed.

Felda Blumenthal
2nd Electrician
Tired of being mansplained too. Wishes Mikhail would stop talking and started taking some action. allergies sure are hitting hard this spring.