↓ Transcript
4 panels

Panel 1
Shizamura wags her finger, negatively.

Shiza: Yeah, that talk may get your men going, but it won't work on me! Ya kno? I have goals. And I gotta make certain decisions if I want to achieve them! I can't waste my time on shootouts in the woods right now.

Panel 2:
Zoom in on Nikita's eyes. His gaze is colder and shaper.

Nikita: It's great that you're free to make such decisions about your life, Shizuka.

Panel 3 and 4:
Shizuka seemingly ignores the vibe shift in the room, and continues by pointing a finger at Nikita, almost a finger gun. Nikita is annoyed.

Shizuka: [emphasis]I choose to run that extra mile! But then, since when d'ya know the first thing about making decisions?

Panel 5:
Shizuka keeps on the ranty tone, completely ignoring the dark aura around Nikita as he grows progressively more annoyed at her.

Shiza: Soldiers just need to follow orders, amirite?