↓ Transcript
6 panels.

Panel 1:
Steffano, looking amused with a background full of stars and planets.

Steffano: Astronomy!? I did not see that one coming!

Panel 2:
Nikita interrupts him, shrugging. Steffano moves the telescope towards his chin.

Nikita: LOOK, it's not an altogether useless activity, ok? It can be pretty handy in case we get lost without communications! But, as always, the Army doesn't have to put money where they don't want to. Leadership is a much better use of my talents, anyway.

Panel 3, 4, 5:
Steffano, even more amused but trying to start a fight. Nikita just being pensative. They start walking back to the camp.

Steffano: But there's always a shortage of electricians, right?
Nikita: Mikhail's a lucky one: he's good at what he likes best. But I... I'm way too good at what I do. Too bad I'd rather be doing something else.