Sometimes your passionate, freaked-out speech about potential religious implications of an event you and everyone around you have just gone through isn’t enough to make your sergeant change his mind… So what then, do you try to pry into the political motivations of the mission? Yeah, let’s try that.

↓ Transcript

5 Panels.

Panel 1:
Steffano is staring at the distance, while Maili shows Franquelim a pack of cigars.

Maili: Need a lighter?
Frank: Huh? Uhh, no, thank you.
Maili: And stop scratching!

Panel 2:
Franquelim lights a cigar with his hand.

Panel 3,4:
Franquelim lets his body fall on his chair, with a big "UFA" sound.

Frank: I really don't get you, Corvo. What is it you're looking for here? Are you not an EXPANSIONIST, as per family tradition? This is your best shot at gathering people for your cause and re-ignite the conflict!

Panel 5:
Steffano's cold expression and he side-eyes Frank.

Frank (off panel): Or maybe... That isn't your cause?