↓ Transcript
4 Panels.

Panel 1:
The tractor's lights turn on. A number of deslusos is starting to crawl out of their container box. The engine roars.

Panel 2,3:
Malik and Dária are hiding in the bushes. Behind them, Aurik and Victória hug and bump their helmets together.

Malik: We've got a bit of a situation going on... We've been spotted.
Dária: What? HOW? How do you know that?
Malik: Well, for starters: that thing that Fausta says about 'detecting brains'? It runs in the family.

Panel 4:
The tractor, with a couple deslusos grabbing its sides, roars in the soldier's direction.

Malik (off panel): And second: They're coming straight at us!