↓ Transcript
5 panels

Panel 1,2.3:
One of the deslusos moves and starts talking. Nikita turns to see it in surprise, Aurik raises his rifle in its direction.

Desluso: I must say I am disappointed. I didn't believe the MEDITA AUGUSTA had us in such low regard... They wouldn't even bother sending an ITALIAN for a... conversation. Instead, they send us... A SLAVE. Correct me if I'm wrong, Captain Kirchhoff.

Panel 4:
Nikita doesn't dignify that with an answer. Aurik shoots the desluso off with a "CHAUM".

Panel 5:
Top view of the devastation, The two desluso containers have fallen to the floor, and are surrounded by desluso bodies. Nikita and Aurik look towards the big fire that sprang from the tractor.

Aurik: Where from?