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↓ Transcript
RollCall – Chapter Four – Conversations in Ash

Nikita Kirchhoff - Dead Inside
Set on fire everything that burns. Recently promoted to Major.

Mikhail Kirchhoff - Dead on the outside
Bled out, alone. Goodbye.

Dária Grillo - Not so ready to clown anymore
Just found out that maybe her family doesn't really care for her wellbeing. At a loss as to where her aliances should lay.

Pfeiffer Müller - Wishes he was dancing
Dária's partner in crime. Maybe he dismisses Dária's concerns, but he cares for her feelings.

Shizuka Nakamura - Exhasperated at Computers
Maybe God told her to stay behind, maybe They meant something else. Either way, the future doesn't seem safe.

Franquelim Pastore - Augur / Needs a rest
Was told to stay away from the computer, failed. Knows a few things about trauma. Has a big hat.

Steffano Corvo - Aspiring Politician
Put his life on the line for political influence. Could be in love. Owns three crows.

Fausta Frescura - Part-time hairstylist
Getting her hopes up.Knows there's something in her head, but doesn't understand what. It's not a Piece of God, that's for sure.

Olivia Mezzaferro - Retired General
Unintentional mother figure. On Salamanca for some emotional support and to be in the loop about some recent events and strategies.

Alessandro Corvo - Senior General
Fervorous Expansionist who's ready to use any excuse to invade the neighbouring country. Probably also owns several crows.

Giulia Grillo - Head of the Grillo House
Dária's mother. Angry at not being in the know about the mission's probabilities. If anyone's going to put her daughter's life in danger it better be with her consent.

The Foreigner - Abomination
Crashlanded in Arouca after hitting a satellite. Provided no explanations on the matter and now everything's a mess.

Aurik Landi - Nikita's actual second-in-command
Recently engaged after a panicky proposal. A kind man who actually thinks of others, it seems.

Xénon - Computer / A Piece of God
Overloaded, overnervous and running a lot of diagnostics. Concerned about the apparent return of the Foreigner.