↓ Transcript

Panel 1,2:
Wide, showing a table with Shizuka siting at the center. She is connected to the computer and next to a Comcata. On the sides of the long table, different soldiers. A soldier slides her a paper. His dark skin and blue garments suggest he might be one of the members of the Corvo house, from the Cavalry Corps. A Major sits to her right and a Captain to her left, both in red.

Potential Corvo: Your Honour... regarding the note you approved two days ago... We made some changes to the platoon proposal. We consider this new team to be more adequate to the mission's stakes.

Panel 3,4:
Xénon!Shizuka is staring into space, but their eyes catch the paper being slided. They pick it up and we can see the contents and scribble over it.

The shooting-star reconnaissance and recovery squad, initially proposed by Captain N. Kirchhoff, shall now include the following members:
- N. Kirchhoff (C.)
- M. Kirchhoff (S.E.)
- S. Corvo (S.)
- D. Kali
- D. Grillo
- [covered] Müller
- [covered] Blumenthal (E.)
- V. de la [covered]
- A. Landi
- T. Vás[covered]
- M. Rami[covered]
- M. Han (M.)
- J. Aiza (M.)
Augur services will be provided by:
- S. Nakamura (A.)

Xénon!Shizuka: Thank you for your input. It will be considered in my future suggestions.