↓ Transcript
6 panels.

Panel 1:
A small animation immitating a screen shutting down. The connection to Xénon is severed.

Panel 2:
The soldier dressed in blue and the Major have a handshake. Behind them, Mikhail takes the metallic crown from a tired Shizuka's head.

Panel 3:
Shizuka looks tired, with bags under her eyes.

Mikhail (off panel): You alright, Shizuka?

Panel 4:
Mikhail is carrying the Comcata and looks at Shizuka, concerned. She is picking up the papers from the table.

Mikhail: You look like you've been online waaaay too long.
Shizuka: I just need a coffee! Take the comcata to my office and I'll meet you in a...

Panel 5:
Shizuka sees the contents of the paper, with a frozen expression.

Shizuka (cont): ...Minute.

Panel 6:
The same message as the previous page, but written over it in pencil is a big "DON'T GO WITH HIM".