↓ Transcript
5 Panels. Panel 2 takes the entire webpage.

Panel 1:
Frank, looking concerned and scratching his hand. Nikita staring at him, expressionless.

Frank: Nikita, this man is a PDL AGENT. An EXTRACTOR.
Nikita: The Thought Police.

Panel 2:
An illustration of a big, menacing demon that resembles Eurico's mask grabbing Franquelim.

Frank: Ah, don't they love us Augurs! And it's not even about severing a team's connection to the divine... It's almost as if they believe that, by mauling our minds and guts, they too would be able to connect with God.

Panel 3:
Franquelim taps the paper with Eurico's caricature.

Frank: His name's Eurico. They call him the FEARLESS. He's very accomplished in the art of breaking people's minds. Figuratively and literally.

Panel 4,5:
Franquelim looks away, then looks back at Nikita and points to his head.

Frank: did he... Get into yours?
Nikita (off panel): No, not him. But there was this pupil, and...