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8 Panels.

The top part of the page is a map indicating the city of Salamanca and the trajectory of the train as it approaches the city. The river Tormes is clearly visible and there are two sets of walls around the city.

Frank (off panel): The other night, in the woods...

Panel 1,2:
Frank was about to talk, but stops himself. Nikita stares at him, still holding the same cigar. Bright warm sunset tones enter the train through the window.

Nikita: Use your words.

Panel 3:
Frank grabs a paper and a pencil, and sketches a black devil mask with tears, horns and teeth.

Frank: Were any... Were any of the Lusitanians you fought.. Like this?

Panel 4, 5:
Frank hands Nikita the paper. He exhales the smoke slowly before he speaks.

Nikita: Yes. He wanted to 'talk', just not with me. Apparently, I'm not Italian enough even by Lusitanians standards.

Panel 6,7:
Frank nervously taps his fingers on the table. Nikita sees this and interrupts him.

Nikita: You know each other. Who is he?