↓ Transcript
6 Panels.

Panel 1:
Steffano embarrasingly tries to shoo the crows away from Nikita's hair. The birds are still shouting his name very loudly.

Alessandro (off panel): And who is that?
Olivia (off panel): He's my student.

Panel 2:
Nikita doesn't look at Steffano.

Alessandro (off panel): I was expecting something... Different from you.

Panel 3:
Nikita: I'm Captain Nikita Kirchhoff, my General.
Alessandro: And where is that interesting accent of yours from?
Nikita: I'm from Régula, my General.
Alessandro: Oh, young man... Nobody's from Régula.

Panel 4:
As they go through the corridor, Alessandro and Olivia discuss and Steffano and Nikita lag slightly behind, not looking at each other. Steffano scratches his neck nervously.

Alessandro: What is this about, Olivia? You brought a slave into my house?
Olivia: Watch your words, Alessandro...
Alessandro: Is this one of your famous personal projects, per change?
Olivia: The part of it that's still alive, yes. Speaking of which...

Panel 5:
A shot of Olivia's face. Above her, carved in stone, is the sigil of the Corvo House.

Olivia (cont): I thought you'd be interested in a first hand account of a certain mission, given your... Implications.

Panel 6:
Alessandro side-eyes Olivia.