What would you do, if your senses start blending between what’s real and fantasy? There’s a guy named Nikita here and I think that’s very very important.

Teenagers with supernatural powers team up with woodland critters to defeat monsters.

A story about mental health, abuse of the vulnerable, and addiction.

↓ Transcript
9 panels.

Panel 1:
The interior garden of the building is decorated with the same blue flags sporting the Crow sigil of the Corvo House.

Panel 2,3,4,5:
Nikita spots a number of crows around the building. The crows spot him as well.

Panel 6,7:
Alessandro and Steffano approach Olivia. Alessandro is walking with his arms open wide, and Steffano is holding a crow.

Alessandro: General Mezzaferro! The sight of you blesses my eyes! Welcome again to the city of Salamanca!
Olivia: Call me Olivia, my dear.

Panel 7,8:
Nikita, behind Olivia, notices Steffano. Steffano notices him too and gets nervous.

Steffano (whispers): Nikita?

Panel 9:
All three crows take this as an invitation to fly towards Nikita shouting "NIKITA, NIKITA, NIKITA" and going directly for his hair. Nikita is suddenly surrounded by birds!