↓ Transcript
6 Panels.

Panel 1:
Olivia takes a sip from her metallic teacup.

Alessandro (off panel, cont): What did we find, really? A Piece of God? Crashing into enemy territory?

Panel 2,3,4,5:
A large painting of Alessandro in his formal military uniform looms over ther the room. Steffano nervously listens while Alessandro crosses his hands under his chin.

Alessandro (cont): We can't rule out the possibility of this artifact not being human in origin. We must decide what role we want to play in the History of Mankind if we are indeed facing a DIFFERENT INTELLIGENCE. But that information lacks corroboration and wild guesses do not justify campaigns. After this mission's fiasco, negotiation with the Lusitanians is our only way in. On the other hand... A computer, in orbit? Strange, but not impossible. We know less about the Ancient than we care to admit, after all. It would be inadmissable to leave such holy technology in such barbaric hands. Connecting the Pieces of God is... Possibly our greatest RESPONSIBILITY. To use force for such a goal would not be inadequate: it would be crucial! We could easily gather the public interest for such a campaign.
Olivia: Ah, I'm sure that quick pace would suit you much better.
Alessandro: The Lusitanians could be using holy technology to build teapots and cars as we speak.

Panel 6:
Alessandro strokes his beard. Olivia softly puts down her teacup.

Alesandro (cont): The thought unsettles me.
Olivia: What does the Lusitanian government have to say?