↓ Transcript
4 panels.

Panel 1,2:
Nikita is mentally holding a spoon, and mixes the sugar in his tea absent-mindedly, without touching it. The spoon goes around and around... Until Nikita is suddenly interrupted and drops it.

Alessandro (off panel): The President sent us a friendly letter, with no mention of the artifacts we found. They say, however, that they'll pretend they didn't just see one of our platoons in their lands. They consider that keeping some of their bodies is punishment enough.
Olivia (off panel): Punishment enough THIS TIME.
Alessandro: Something able to change the Mankind's future is [the text fades away]

Panel 3:
Mikhail, colored in the same hues as he was when lying dead under the Foreigner's hand. This time, he's got both his eyes open and smiles at Nikita, blood dripping from his eyes and glitches covering his face. He grabs Nikita's arm.

Panel 4:
Nikita, in shock, as the words "PUNISHMENT ENOUGH" repeat brightly behind him, over and over. Alessandro and Olivia's dialog continues, but the words are blurried out.