↓ Transcript
7 panels.

Panel 1:
Nikita suddenly realises he's still sitting in a comfy room, surrounded by the Generals and Steffano. They are all looking at him.

Panel 2,3:
Nikita smiles softly as he tries to remember the battle, and glitches into the battle uniform.

Nikita: My memory is still a little fuzzy, my General. I hit my head repeatedly and have some trouble remembering what I saw.

Panel 4:
Alessandro leans closer.

Alessandro: And what do you think you saw, Captain?
Nikita (off panel): Oh I don't think. I KNOW.

Panel 5:
Nikita in his full uniform, face covered with his helmet. On it, we can see the reflection of the Foreigner's six eyes.

Panel 5:
The Foreigner, giant, menacingly looms over a tiny Nikita. It's completely black with bright red and golden eyes and the sky is bright pink.

Panel 6:
The mountains are black against a bright red sky.

Nikita (off panel): I saw a Piece of God.